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Getting Started with Fall Gardening

Now that summer is coming to a close, many people look forward to the holidays. Gardening is for springtime. Or, is it?

Welcome to the world of fall gardening! If you're a beginner with a green thumb, you're in for a treat. Fall gardening can be very satisfying and is perfect for those starting their gardening journey.

In this post, we'll dive into why fall gardening is the ideal season for beginners and explore a list of plants that thrive in the autumn breeze.

This is an image of Beautiful Red Fall Trees
Beautiful Fall Trees

Getting Started with Fall Gardening


Why Fall Gardening Is Ideal for Beginners

  • Mild Weather: Fall offers a break from scorching summer heat and freezing winter temperatures. The gentle, cooler weather makes it easier for beginners to tend to their gardens without the stress of extreme conditions.

  • Fewer Pests: Many garden pests retreat as the days grow shorter, giving you a respite from battling them. This means less pest management for novice gardeners.

  • Slower Pace: Fall gardening tends to be less demanding than spring and summer. You can enjoy a slower pace of growth, which aligns well with the learning curve for beginners.

  • Extended Growing Season: While you may not see immediate results, fall gardening extends the growing season. You'll harvest well into late autumn and even early winter.

  • Colorful Foliage: Fall gardens explode with vibrant colors as trees shed their leaves. Your garden will be a picturesque masterpiece.

Plants Perfect for Fall Gardening

Now that you know why fall gardening is a fantastic choice for beginners, let's talk about what to plant. These crops thrive in the fall and are forgiving to novice gardeners:

  • Lettuce: Varieties like leaf lettuce and romaine are quick to grow and can tolerate cool temperatures.

  • Spinach: Plant spinach for nutrient-packed greens that thrive in cooler weather.

  • Kale: Hardy and versatile, kale can endure frost and tastes better after a light chill.

  • Radishes: These speedy growers are a joy for beginners to cultivate.

  • Carrots: Sweet and satisfying, carrots appreciate the cooler conditions of fall.

  • Cabbage: This leafy green loves the fall season and can withstand light frost.

  • Broccoli: A nutritious favorite, broccoli thrives in the fall and can yield multiple harvests.

  • Chives: An easy-to-grow herb that adds flavor to your fall dishes.

  • Garlic: Plant garlic cloves in the fall for a delightful summer harvest.

  • Chrysanthemums: For a pop of fall color, consider planting these hardy and vibrant flowers.

Remember, getting started with fall gardening is all about enjoying the process and embracing the rhythm of the season. Whether you're growing crisp greens or vibrant flowers, the cool, gentle days of autumn are your gardening canvas.

The key is to plant your seeds early enough so that the roots form before the extreme heat or cold.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to make your fall gardening journey a joyful and rewarding one!

Full disclosure, I am a lover of beautiful gardens, but not a gardening pro! I am researching the ins-and-outs for my own growth, greening up my thumb, sharing what I learn along the way.

Live, Love, Chat and Eat,

Kate and Crew

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